About Us

Bringing You the Best of Kosher European Wines

Enjoy superior wines from the world-famous wine growing regions of Italy, France, and Switzerland. Savor the tastes originating in Tuscany, Abruzzo, Sauternes, Bordeaux, and Geneva.

We pride ourselves on selecting wines from among the finest wineries and best kosher wines available in Europe and anywhere in the world.

Our Promise to You

We offer only wines we know to be examples of the finest taste and quality available.


100% Kosher

The wines we offer are produced under strict supervision.



Every wine offered is guaranteed to be genuine without exception.


Superior Quality

We select only wines of high quality to meet your expectations.


Exceptional Value

The best wines available in every category are carefully chosen for you.

Experience The World’s Great Wines 

Discover what centuries of vinaculture and winemaking experience have grought to today’s kosher wine selections.

Grace your table with wines that will compliment the most delicious foods on every occasion. Share the joy of wonderful wines with your friends and family.