Bonnet Ponson Champagne
Extra Brut Millésime 2015

Champagne, Extra-Brut MILLÉSIME 2015 Magnum

A special cuvee in magnum bottles only, of the base wine of the NV champagne, from the 2015 vintage

Considered to be the driest vintage ever measured, a warm summer with almost no precipitation resulted in a good and uniform ripening of the fruit, this year produced excellent vintage champagnes, especially from Pinot Noir.

שמפנייה בונה פונסון אקסטרא ברוט 2015 מגנום – כשר


Kashrut: Kosher LeMehadrin, Not Mevushal

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About the Winery - The winery, founded on 1862, is considered relatively small in Champagne, which is mainly dominated by large houses The winery owns his 10 Ha. of Premier Cru and Grand Cru estate plots around the village of Montagne de Reims, from which up to 70,000 bottles are produced per year. It is a special opportunity to enjoy "Grower Champagne" from Grand Cru vineyards for affordable prices Since 2016 the winery has been recognized as an organic winery and committed to organic and sustainable practices. Winemaker Cyril Bonnet is committed to blending and producing top quality kosher Champagne.