Cantina Giuliano
Extra Virgin
Tuscan Olive Oil

Cantina Giuliano extra virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany.

Cantina Giuliano is not only a kosher winery, it’s also a farm to table restaurant and artisanal workshop.
The goal is to showcase the wonderful flavors of Tuscany. Local cuisine is based on fresh ingredients of incomparable taste expressing their full potential thanks to age-old traditions.

The harvest
The olive trees are minimally sprayed and harvested by hand. The olives are made to fall on nets stretched out on the ground.
The nets are then emptied in boxes and brought to the town olive press.

From olive to oil
The olives are washed, crushed and mixed in order to separate the oil from the water and the solids.
The paste is then centrifugated and the oil is ready to enjoy!

Bottle vol. 250 ml.


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Country: Italy
About the Winery - In a small village in the heart of Tuscany, Eli and Lara Gauthier brought back a family winery, passionate about Tuscany’s rich local traditions of wine and gastronomy, producing Italian traditional wines from local varieties while maintaining quality and kosher. This winery is one of the few in Italy that allows wine enthusiasts access to quality and kosher wine all year long.