Château La Tour Blanche

This wine, from Chateau La Tour Blanche, a 2014 vintage considered one of the best vintages in Bordeaux, with its high ageing potential, is considered the best kosher Sauternes ever made.

A blend of 83% Semillon, 12% Sauvignon Blanc and 5% Muscadelle. In the mouth, rich, unctuous with a lot of vivacity, almost acidulous. Dense peppery tropical fruit, notes of yellow fruits and citrus, honeyed crackers and minerals. Then an almost dry and mouth-coating palate with tannins providing backbone – rich, but not overtly sweet. The harmony found between fruits, freshness and sweetness let appreciate a subtle and elegant balance.

Recommended tasting period: 2020-2035
Serving temperature: 10° to 12° C (50° to 54° F)

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סוטרן לה טור בלנש – כשר
Kashrut: Kosher LeMehadrin, Not Mevushal

Country: France
About the Winery - The dessert wines from Sauternes region, located in the southern part of the Bordeaux Left Bank, made from grapes infected with the “noble rot” fungus, are the world’s most famous dessert wines. The harvest includes close to ten pickings between September and November in order to harvest each cluster at the perfect time. The high risks and costs of production make the Sauternes wines very rare.