Gustave Lorentz
Grand Cru Alsace
Riesling 2021

Gustave Lorentz – Riesling Grand Cru Alsace 2021

This wine is produced from 100 % Riesling grapes from the classified Grand Cru site of the Altenberg de Bergheim organic vineyard.

You can taste the influence of the Alsacian terroir on the Riesling, 12.5% ABV, citrus aromas, dry, complex, and mineral finish.

Aged 9 months in stainless steel.
Drinking window 10-15 years.

גוסטב לורנץ – ריזלינג – גראן קרו אלזס – כשר – 2021

ריזלינג מגפנים ותיקות בכרם גראן קרו אורגני באלטנברג-דה-ברגהיים, הריזלינג מושפע כאן מאד מהטרואר האלזסי, אלכוהול 12.5%, הארומות הדריות, הוא יבש, מורכב, ומינרלי מאד
תסיסה 9 חודשים במיכלי נירוסטה

יכולת התיישנות 10-15 שנים


גוסטב לורנץ – ריזלינג – אלזס גראו קרו – כשר – 2021

Kashrut: Kosher LeMehadrin, Not Mevushal

Country: Alsace | France | kosher
About the Winery - Gustave Lorentz Winery Founded by the Lorentz family in 1836 in Bergheim, Alsace lies at the foot of the Vosges mountains, which provide protection from the prevailing westerly winds, but also cast a rain shadow over the area, that's why the Alsace climate is distinct due to the alternation of hot days and chilly night during the autumn, perfect conditions for slow and extended grape ripening. This privileges the development of complex aromas and maintains a ripe acidity which provides freshness to wines. The winery focuses on wines from grapes that come from their owned vineyard property (33 hectares) as well as from vignerons, on the slopes of the Grand Cru vineyards of Altenberg-de-Bergheim that descend from a height of 300 meters in a southern direction, which are part of the 51 Grand Cru vineyards of Alsace. The soil is rich in fossils and chalk which forces the vine to deepen its roots and ensure good minerality in the wine, and is covered with red clay soil that is unique to this area.