Brunello di Montalcino 2016

About the wine: Made from 100% Sangiovese, old-vineyard.
Aged 36 months in Fodera barrels and two years in bottle.

The wine is bright red with a fragrant and aromatic bouquet of red plums, raspberries, myrtle, cassis and Tobbaco.
High tannin, full and round body, layers of rich flavors create a powerful both harmonious wine.

It is one of the flagship wines of Italy, and one of the great Kosher wines ever produced.

This Kosher version earned 97JS 96RP score.


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Kashrut: Kosher LeMehadrin, Not Mevushal

kashrut OU kashrut beit yosef

Country: Italy
Winery: Tassi
About the Winery - Tassi Winery The Franci family, raised in Montalcino for many generations, started its business making honey by the patriarch of the family Guido Franci. Montalcino is located south of Chianti, and the climate is drier and warmer, the wines of the area - Brunello, are made from a local clone of Sangiovese grapes only. The magnificent territory of the Montalcino hills rich in history, culture and tradition, unique grapes are born, with a magical flavor, image and mirror of the enchantment of timeless places. Franci Franca winery, run from 2004 by his son Fabio Tassi, is strongly bonded with Montalcino’s territory since its origin. Its wine clearly expresses its tie to the land with elegance and uniqueness.