Tischler & Halpern Reserve
Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos

This Tokaji wine is characterized by a very pure fruit and a perfect balance between freshness and the concentration of Botrytis.
By tradition and by law Tokaji Aszú must be aged for at least 3 years before release on the market. Of this 3 years, at least 2 years in oak in a traditional underground Tokaj cellar providing low temperature (12 °C) and high humidity (90%) throughout the year

This wine was produced under the supervision of rav Jacob Solem Taub, an Israeli rabbi approved by the Israeli Beth Din Tzedek


Recommended tasting period: 2020-2035
Serving temperature: 10° to 12° C (50° to 54° F)




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Kashrut: Kosher LeMehadrin, Not Mevushal

About the Winery - Tischler & Halpern makes exceptional Kosher wines from grapes grown at the Disznókő Estate, and produced by the winemakers at Disznókő - classified First Growth since 1732, has been one of the pioneers in the renaissance of the great historic wines of Tokaj heritage wine region - Hungary.