Weingut Gehring
Roter Hang Riesling

Riesling Roter Hang (trocken) –  Riesling, the king of German varieties is known as a versatile, rich in flavours  and high acidity variety, because its late, slowly ripening.

Spontaneous fermentation. Dry, medium bodied, very aromatic nose with nice blossom, ripe white and green fruits, very complex, with minerality and crisp high acidity.
A refreshing and vibrant wine.
Residual Sugar: 6.2 g/l

Will paired perfect with spicy food.

ריזלינג כשר


Kashrut: Kosher LeMehadrin, Not Mevushal

Country: Germany | kosher | riesling
About the Winery - Gehring Winery is located in the village of Nirstein in Rheinhassen district, the largest wine region in Germany located along the Rhine River known by the variety of soil types along its banks. The area has a mild climate and protected by the mountains from the west. The river has significant micro-climate effects to moderate the temperature by trap heat, and reflects sunlight. The best vineyards located between Nakenheim and Nierstein, where the soils are a reddish combination of clay, slate, iron and sand known as: "The Red Slopes" Roter Hang. These conditions are ideal for Riesling which is considered to be of very high quality with a mineral character