Geshem Spirits Terms and Conditions

Usage of the Geshem Spirits website is subject to acceptance of the statutes presented in this article and agreement with its terms.

There is a strict prohibition on actions that violate the law or public regulation.
It is strictly forbidden to copy the products.
We suggest you read it carefully and are happy to address any questions or issues that arise.
Use of the website is restricted to persons above the age of 18.
The website is managed by Geshem Spirits, under business no. 200957066. Our physical Address is 10 Hagai Hanavi st., Beit Shemesh, Israel.
Geshem Spirits is a website that sells wine, alcoholic beverages and related paraphernalia.


Currently, delivery is available only to destinations in Central area, Jerusalem & Gush Etzion area, Modi’in, Raanan. We will update this information as other delivery destinations become available. Delivery to other areas may be available by special request. Users must verify that delivery is available before placing their order. If there is any doubt, please contact Geshem Spirits at before placing your order.

Delivery time is up to 5 business days from the date of order placement.

A delivery fee of ₪30 per order will be charged during order placement.

Geshem Spirits deliveries will be brought to the address specified on the website and in accordance with Israeli law, the recipient must show proof of age above 18.

Cancellations and Returns

Geshem Spirits reserves the right to cancel a purchase at our discretion. In this case, we will make sure to be in touch either by phone or email before action is taken. If money has been payed and product has not been received, we will refund the money paid.

We do our best to provide high quality products to our customers. By Israeli law wine is a product which is not returnable. Nevertheless, if you receive a wine from us that you feel is problematic, please re-close the wine and be in touch so we can do our best to help you.

The manner of purchasing products and services and canceling a site is subject to Israeli Consumer Protection Law 1981, Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction), 2010 and the other relevant provisions of law.

Since wine requires special treatment and may be spoiled by uncontrolled treatment, no bottles of wine that were out of the company’s control will be returned.

Users can cancel a transaction before the products are shipped by sending an appropriate request to the website’s email address or through the Contact Us form on the site. The request must include the order number and user information. The full transaction amount for orders will be refunded through the form of payment will be made for all order cancellation requests that are received in writing/email before order shipment with appropriate order and user identification. Cancellation requests lacking information needed to identify the order, or request that arrive after shipment cannot be accepted.

The Website retains its right to cancel a transaction (even after sending a purchase authorization to the customer) for various reasons, including in the event of a mistake in the details and prices of the products included in the transaction, in the event that any of the products included in the transaction cannot be supplied by the supplier, and in case it finds that the user has acted in contravention of the terms and conditions. Notice of transaction cancellation by the site will be delivered to the user’s email address.

Once the products included in the transaction have been delivered to the customer, the transaction can be returned within fourteen (14) days. (To the address provided to it individually by the Website) in its original packaging and without falling into the enclosure and the items within which any defect is not used, it shall not infringe the Website’s right to take any other remedies to which it is entitled by law.

The site undertakes to provide the user with good and high quality products. The user must check the product immediately upon receipt and report to the site in writing immediately any discrepancies or defects, and no later than fourteen (14) business days from the date of receipt of the product.

The Site, in its sole discretion, will correct the defect or the mismatch or alternatively replace the defective product with a proper product. In any event, a defective product will not be replaced unless the defective product has reached the site’s possession or anyone on its behalf for the purpose of examining a defect and / or discrepancy claim.

In the event that the discrepancy or defect cannot be repaired or in the case where the user has refused the offer for the product repair, the user’s money will be paid to him, including the shipping fee for the product. In any event, the arrival of the defective product for the possession of the site or for its own sake the satisfaction of the site is a condition for the return of the funds paid by the user.

It is clarified that in the event of cancellation or exchange, the cost of shipping or transferring the product back to the site will only apply to the user. However, in the event that the site team decides to replace a product due to a defect or non-conformity of the user, the replacement product will be at the expense of the site.

The Website reserves the right to cancel an order in the following cases: a mistake (including a human error) in the product details, its characteristics, its price and the like which appeared on the Website; The ordering of the product was done in contravention of the agreement or bylaws or with third party infringement. A notice of cancellation of a transaction by the site will be e-mailed to the user by the address provided by it.


The data provided by a user of the site and targeted information regarding the patterns of use of the site by each user will be stored in the database of the website for the purpose of providing the site services. This information will not be disclosed to a third party who does not have the user’s permission.

In addition, the site retains the right to collect, transmit and use statistical information provided by users of the site or collected during their browsing of the site as long as there is no information to identify any of the users in person. , IP address, usage dates, etc.